Saturday, February 16, 2019

Coping with a silent killer: New Ways in the treatment of Ovarian Cancer

When Jennifer Madelyn Trichot was diagnosed with stage III epithelial ovarian cancer it was like she was dealt a death sentence. “For the first time I was confronted with my mortality,” Trichot recalls. I did not understand the disease and with the ‘good’ advice of well-meaning friends I found myself getting depressed and more detached from reality. For at...

Are New and Innovative Drugs Expensive: The Economic Impact of New Drug Therapies

Policymakers often raise the question “Do ‘new’ and innovative drugs costs too much?”. Although innovative ‘new’ drugs may be more expensive than alternative, existing, drug therapies, they are extensively reviewed for their benefits and costs and are considered to be among the most cost effective treatments available. Furthermore, ‘new’ drugs are also expected to reduce mortality in diseases that...

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